While there isn’t a formalized list of steps for tax setup, the following process serves as a comprehensive guide. For detailed information on each step, please refer to the provided links.

1. Define Shipping Countries:
– For online stores, configure the list of countries to which you will be shipping.

2. Set Up Tax Rates for In-Person Sales:
– If utilizing POS for in-person sales, establish tax rates based on your retail locations. The default POS tax rates align with the geographic location of your in-person transactions.

3. Configure Tax Rates for Selling and Shipping:
– For countries and regions where you conduct sales and shipping, set up applicable tax rates. Specific instructions vary based on the taxation system in place:
– In registration-based tax regions (United States, Canada, European Union, United Kingdom, Norway, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, or Singapore), input your tax registrations to facilitate tax collection.
– In location-based tax regions, use default values or specify rates for countries and their regions. Additionally, determine whether taxes will be charged on shipping.

4. Manage Taxes for Digital Products:
– If your store sells digital products, configure the corresponding taxes that apply to these items.

5. Override Tax Rates and Exemptions:
– Override tax rates or exempt specific products from taxes as needed. These overrides apply to both online sales and ShopRise POS transactions.

6. Optional: Include Taxes in Product Prices:
– Enable the option to incorporate taxes into all product prices. This ensures that customers face no additional charges for taxes during checkout. Instead, a calculated percentage of the product’s price is designated as tax.

7. Access and Review Settings:
– Throughout the tax setup process, conveniently review and access your configured settings on the Taxes and Duties page in your ShopRise admin.

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