ShopRise Shipping Policy

Facilitating the seamless shipment of items within our marketplace, ShopRise introduces Nationwide Shipping as a means to enhance user transactions. As a seller choosing to utilize our shipping services, it is imperative to familiarize yourself with and adhere to all ShopRise Shipping Policies, encompassing the Shipping Policy, Packaging Policy, and 2-Day Purchase Protection Policy.

Responsibility extends to compliance with all pertinent US laws and regulations concerning mailing, including those established by USPS policies.

For a comprehensive understanding of our Shipping Policy, please carefully review this article to ensure compliance with shipping requirements.

ShopRise retains the right to ascertain the eligibility of items for shipping, subject to our Shipping Policies and Terms of Service. Any infringement upon these policies may lead to the suspension or termination of your account.

Shipping Eligibility
The eligibility of an item for shipping is determined by the ShopRise platform based on specified guidelines. The app will indicate whether an item can be shipped at the time of listing, considering factors such as size, location, and description. If eligible, the app will allow you to select Nationwide Shipping as your delivery method.

Please note that the Nationwide Shipping feature is not available on the web at If an item is deemed ineligible for shipping, the app will display the message “Shipping is not available,” and the shipping feature cannot be enabled for such items.

ShopRise supports the shipping of eligible items to and from all US states, excluding Alaska, Arkansas, and Hawaii.

What You Can Ship
Items eligible for shipping using ShopRise’s Nationwide Shipping feature include those weighing under 20 pounds, with a sale price under $2,000, compliant with ShopRise’s Prohibited item guidelines, and adhering to the Packaging Policy.

What You Can’t Ship
Items ineligible for shipping using ShopRise’s Nationwide Shipping feature include those exceeding 20 pounds, with a sale price over $2,000, prohibited by OfferUp’s guidelines, not complying with the Packaging Policy, and drop-shipped items.

Drop-shipping, defined as a seller purchasing items from another retailer and directly shipping them to a buyer, is prohibited on ShopRise due to potential issues for both buyers and sellers. Additionally, adherence to USPS guidelines is essential, and sellers are responsible for complying with all relevant laws and regulations. To ensure that your item qualifies and complies with USPS shipping guidelines, see the following resources:

Shipping Fees
Both sellers and buyers bear responsibility for all fees associated with Nationwide Shipping on ShopRise.

Seller Fees:
– A service fee, equivalent to 10% of the item’s final price (excluding shipping costs) with a minimum fee of $2.5%, is incurred by sellers. This fee is deducted automatically from the final sale amount before funds are deposited into the seller’s account.

– Sellers are also solely responsible for any necessary fees or overages incurred from UPS for shipping items.

Buyer Fees:
– Buyers are responsible for paying shipping fees and applicable sales tax on their purchases, with tax rates determined by the delivery address provided.

Shipping Time Frame
Sellers are obligated to ship items within 5 calendar days from the date of sale, with a recommended shipping period of 3 days if feasible. Failure to ship within 5 days results in automatic transaction cancellation, returning the buyer’s payment to the original payment method. This automated process cannot be halted or reversed, necessitating communication with the buyer to reinitiate the sale process.

Shipping Label Requirements
Packages must display only the shipping label provided by ShopRise; creating personal labels is discouraged. Packages containing hazardous materials must display the appropriate HAZMAT shipping label supplied by ShopRise. Shipping labels are exclusively provided for UPS, and utilizing other carriers may limit ShopRise’s ability to guarantee package pickup, track shipments, or ensure payment for the sale within the app.

Package Drop-off Requirements
Packages must be dropped off at a USPS-approved location, including mailboxes, post offices, or USPS-approved postal providers. Shipping items through non-approved carriers, such as DHL, FedEx, or USPS, carries limitations, including exclusion from the 2-Day Purchase Protection Policy and a lack of assistance from ShopRise customer support for associated issues.

Assistance and protection provided by ShopRise are applicable only to packages mailed at an approved USPS location using the provided shipping label.

Reporting Mail Fraud
In the event of suspected or detected mail fraud, reporting the incident to the US Postal Inspection Service is strongly recommended. The reporting email is For further guidance on identifying mail fraud, refer to the USPS Mail Fraud FAQs.

For any queries or feedback regarding this Shipping Policy, please contact us at